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How To: Blackboard Learn Updates

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BBLearnAs the System Administrator for our Blackboard Learn LMS I am tasked with updating the application and keeping it functioning properly. In doing these tasks I use a Development Instance of Learn to make sure that Building Blocks (B2’s) work properly when applied, patches work correctly as in the YouTube patch that was recently released and Cumulative Updates such as April’s Cumulative Update 5. Using the Dev site makes for great practice and the ability to test things that I wouldn’t be able to do in the Production environment, risking the learning and data of the students.

With that in mind I have found certain things are critical to updating Blackboard correctly. When I say this I mean it is critical to follow a process because updating Blackboard or any other system can go sideways in a hurry and recovery is not always easy. Here are the extremely important items that I have come to do in a standard process:

  1. Reading the KB article for any update is very important. This includes clicking ALL the links and reading the whole thing. Set aside a period of a day or even two so that you can read, link, re-read and take notes on the KB article and its sublinks. I have to say that Blackboard is notorious in its completely long KB articles in regards to updates and patches. It would be nice to have shorter documentation, but you can’t fault detail if something goes wrong and you haven’t done your homework. Assume nothing, read everything.
  2. Have a Dev Site to test in. Add other people into this site such as instructional staff that have Staff privileges so that they can test how things work after an update. Remember, as a System Administrator you are charged with the technical side of keeping Blackboard running. Most likely you are not an educator or instructional staff member that uses Learn to teach with. So, having others that do teach that can test is invaluable. These same people can be placed in test courses to see how the student side functions too. While this bullet point is true a majority of the time, there are some SysAdmin’s that do know something about the instructional side. While that is good, it’s still not a best practice or wise to be your own tester. In fact, I have knowledge of how courses work, how grading works, Mashups, adding content, importing/exporting, etc. I don’t rely on myself as the sole person who tests the system after an update.
  3. Don’t update as soon as a patch comes out unless it is urgent and the affect of waiting is over weighed by the needs of the students and staff that are using Learn. I normally wait one to three months before applying a patch to the production site. I update the Dev site a month after the patch and test for 1 to 2 months before applying it to production.

I can’t say enough about the three items above. Read, Test, Be Patient. The last item is important in and of itself because rushing into a newly released patch is like being the first to update your smartphone or computer and brick it because the patch had an unknown side affect. If you do not have patience you will find that you have glitches every time. The actual process I follow when I am updating the production environment of Learn is most always the same, but can and sometimes does change depending on the results of the Dev site update.

  1. Find a time to do the update. We use Change Management to get approval to do the update before I actually do it. This gives the management team the opportunity to question me, ask about something they don’t understand and for us to see if everyone else in the school system doesn’t have a training planned when I have requested to do the update.
  2. Build Scotty time into your maintenance window. What’s Scotty time you are asking? If you have watched Star Trek, you know Scotty well and know that he always exaggerates how long something will take to fix. “Captain, it takes two hours to regenerate the dilithium crystals. I can’t do it in twenty minutes!” Guess what? He does it in 20 minutes. You need time to make sure that everything goes right and if it doesn’t you have the time to fix it. It also gives you the ability to relax, take your time, do it right, check your work before doing anything. Works great in my book and I don’t give myself too much time because then you will get questioned about why you got it done so quick when you thought it would take so long. Think it will take 2 hours to do correctly, give yourself 4. Think 8, ask for 12.
  3. Prepare at least two hours ahead of time to check your VM access, VPN access if needed and any other tools you will need. Don’t just check the day before because if it can go wrong it will.
  4. Have the KB article printed out at your side to look at. Highlight the process Blackboard says to do the update in Yellow.
  5. Print out the Best Practices to updating the B2’s. Follow this religiously, you won’t be disappointed.

Because the actual commands that you would run on a Dev site or a production site can vary based on update, patch or B2’s I am not going to place the actual commands that I do on my systems here. It is important to read and follow the best practices of the Blackboard KB articles that are associated with the patch or update you are doing and create the sequence from those articles.

I hope that this is helpful to someone in the future. The time it has taken me on the phone with Blackboard with an extremely good tier 2 engineer, in the Ask the MVP forum online and reading all possible articles on Blackboard have helped me create what you see above.

Windows 10 Activation Error code: 0xC004F034

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Cortana-in-Windows-10I’m wondering when the major computer vendors are going to have a roll out of a new product and it not kludge on their servers. Every iOS update is pure misery for anyone updating the first few days because of slow or overwhelmed servers. With all the supposed computing power of these companies you would think they would over plan.

Today Windows 10 launched and you guessed it, Activation has not been a smooth process. The error message “Error code: 0xC004F034” ominously says that it can’t read your Registration code or it is invalid. With the Microsoft servers are getting smashed I am guessing that no one decided to add a new error code.

OOPS you got a busy signal

I thought that I saw something on a blog, maybe even a Microsoft blog that they were going to release it via “Check for Updates” to Windows Insiders first. As they did, then it would be a rolling update for all reserved copy users and so on. This would be a great plan if it seemed it worked.

I have already hit the Activation problem with my home computer. With a quick search of the internet you will already find multiple people asking, multiple people giving incorrect answers and some that are correct. In fact there is even a YouTube video of the activation process with the proper answer already. Following the suggestion after watching the video I successfully activated Windows 10. I am adding the video below so you can actually see the activation work, but for those who just want the answer: just keep clicking Activate until it completes. At some point you will get through without the server being busy. It took between 5 to 10 tries for me, mileage varies based on time of day and pure luck.

New Apple Music Deletes PlayLists

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With the new Apple iOS 8.4 our friends in Cupertino decided to add “enhancements” to our music with Apple Music. Unfortunately, if you turn on  iCloud Music with Apple Music to get enhancements it can in turn can and most likely will delete some of your music and Playlists. For me it deleted ALL of my Playlists from my iPhone, but not from my iTunes on my computer.

Of course I didn’t know until I looked for my Playlist that I created for my son when he is having trouble sleeping and it was gone. Not just that one, but every single Playlist I had created over the many years I have had iTunes on my computer. Well, I flipped a gasket at this point, but when I got to the point of sanity again I said to myself “what deleted them from my phone?” One of the first things I thought was one of my kids hit something while playing Lego’s or SpongeBob. Problem is they never click an “okay” button or anything that isn’t part of the game that they have played with me at least a few times before I let them go with it themselves.

By this time I finally gotten to the point that I was going to just sync everything back. This is where the kicker hit me. I plugged the iPhone into the computer, went to the Music part of the Sync to select the “sync ALL music to my iPhone” it wasn’t there. In its place was the big bold message that my music was synced with my “iCloud Library” and no choice to select what I wanted to Sync. Since I had read about the “My Music” and looked it over with a glance after the initial iOS upgrade I decided to give the My Music the free trial last week. I didn’t see that turning on the iCloud Library was going to delete anything. It was enhanced features and just supposed to be music selected for me with these cute bubbles with artist in that I chose.

Since I couldn’t see a way to sync the music back I thought that it had to be a setting in the iPhone that was causing my Desktop iTunes client to present the iCloud Music Library message. Low and behold when I went into my Setting > Music did I find the screen pictured here. If you make sure to turn off the ones circled in Red you will be able to plug your phone back into your computer, let iTunes load and see the old Sync Music page to re-sync your Playlist or any missing music. I turned off Apple Music as a whole for my iPhone as you can see in the picture.IMG_1347

It is completely out of my thought process as a SysAdmin and a beta tester for many programs that this wasn’t caught. This is a major issue that someone has had before. In fact, after a little Google Search I found multiple web sites with info and a discussion post on the Apple Forums from users with the problem. One of the web sites is one that I read and follow on Twitter, but had missed this article on iPhone in Canada. I wish I had paid better attention and Gary I will from now on. I had not used the feature until last week and didn’t notice the problem until tonight when I went to use the Playlist I created for my son.

I love my iPhone, I really dislike Apple as a company.