Enjoy the moment

I haven’t written in the last few days because I just haven’t got to the computer to do it. I’ve been enjoying the moment with my daughter, who is learning new things daily. When she presents me with something new, it’s just a wonderful feeling.

At the dinner table or while I’m cooking she has amazed me the last few days. While she was eating some Talapia for the first time she decided it was so good she had to ask for more. My wife and I have been teaching her sign language since she was 6 months old, so I was just overjoyed to see her do the signs for “more please”. The next day after getting some banana for dessert, at the buffet we were at, she decided that she would say thank you. Now the sign for thank you looks a lot like blowing a kiss to a baby, so I’m sure that we might have that one confused. But then again she had no reason to be blowing a kiss at that point….

Tonight I cooked alfredo sauce to go with egg noodles in my anything goes version of fettucine alfredo. My daughter ate all of her dinner and her dessert while I cooked for my wife and I, but she couldn’t resist asking for some of the noodles alfredo since it was something that she didn’t have. After eating a few bites she reached out to me asking for a hug. It was like, “Wow thanks Dad, I want to give you a hug to tell you how much I liked you feeding me good food”.

It’s a moment I’ll never forget…. Remember, Anything Goes for Dinner….