Tests, Tests and More Tests…..

For anyone who doesn’t know or hasn’t been watching we have the “The No Child Left Behind” Act/Law in the United States. While a good thought, it is not very well administered or thought out. What it has created is a litany of tests that have created an atmosphere that we have to teach to the test to make the grades or progress that we are mandated to make. Of course what this does is leave out creative teaching of what our children need really need.

Teachers no longer step out of the box because they are evaluated on how their students do on many different tests. Some school districts have several tests that they administer on a district wide basis, along with the state mandated tests. It makes me wonder when the kids get to learn anything. Maybe we need to take a step back, look, reevaluate and focus on teaching, not testing. Maybe that will give our kids the opprotunity to step out of the box, excel past the test and become a knowledgable adult. Maybe even some of those students will become the new Einstein or Gates of tomorrow.

There are many great teachers in our country that are being hindered because they can’t teach everthing they want. I miss the days when I was in school and we talked about history, did real science projects, had complete PE classes, including health classes and didn’t take tests except for the ones my teachers gave on the subject matter we had learned.

Maybe if the parents of todays children didn’t have to both work, or work two or more jobs we would have better graduation rates and better test scores.

Maybe we need a change, maybe we need less tests, more teaching and especially more parent involvement…..I don’t know, but that’s my opinion.

Remember, Anything Goes for Discussion at Dinner…..