What Students Should Be Asking

In a recent blog, well known blogger David Warlick wrote about his typical seminar about blogging and some questions that he has. The questions are not about his methods, but about some questions that should be asked by the student or reader of a blog. As Mr. Warlick states:


Most of the time in these workshops is spent explaining what blogging is, why it is important culturally and instructionally, it strengths, weaknesses, dangers, and the wonderful opportunities. We just haven’t gotten around the assessment, especially in terms of the ethical aspects of a world with everyday, everybody journalists.

Interestingly, he has hit on the point that we are all journalists, amatuer or professional. What standard are we to follow, should we be held to the same standards as news journalist? What standards should a reading public set for our blogging? Well here are some of the questions he has asked:

So I will be suggesting five questions that will be asked, not by the teacher, but by the student, as a way to assess blogged content. I call the questions “Blog’Whats?”:

– What did you read in order to write this blog entry?

– What do you think is important about your blog entry?

– What are both sides of your issue?

– What do you want your readers to know, believe, or do?

– What else do you need to say?

These are great questions to present to your students in teaching them about blogging or just about all learning. Replace blog entry with any term, like book, research or news article and you get very analytical steps to evaluate anything you are learning. This, I believe is a great method to teach students how to view things they are learning.

That’s what I think…How about you?