The Education Blogger’s

I wanted to take the time to point to some others who blog about education. I’ve either had these folks in my blogroll or have added them recently. They have either commented here did a trackback to my blog or I have found them in my wanderings of the blogosphere about education.

  1. Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub (History, accuracy and education) by Ed Darrell
  2. JD2718 (Education, Math, Teaching, New York, Bronx, Union, Language, Travel) by JD2718
  3. Happy Chyck Wonders by happychyck
  4. Lets Play Math by Denise
  5. 2 Cents Worth by David Warlick ~ David is a great source of information on Web 2.0 and blogging in the classroom
  6. Weblogg-ed by Will Richardson ~ The best educational blogger I’ve read

Thanks for the commentary and words about something worthwhile……

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