Education: It’s All About The Kids

I strongly believe in technology as a tool in education. Of course I’m bias because I’m in IT in our school system, but today’s world is technology and multimedia. That being said, technology is not “THE ONE” solution to increasing our children’s knowledge or giving them the best education they can get. To the point, it takes a lot of things to make an education system work and here are my thoughts on what some of them are. These are in no particular order or a complete list, just some things to peak thoughts and discussion.

Parent involvement….This I believe, is crucial to the success of any child’s education. Active participation by parents creates a better view of school for a child, no matter the age of the child. Being in technology support I get to see all the classes, in all the elementary grades. I also get to see a lot of the parent involvement as I walk the campus and through classes. You wouldn’t believe what I hear as I walk by parents talking to their children; but I can tell you that the students that I see getting positive feedback are the one’s that I also see at the Student of the Month or Principal List awards presentations.

Teacher involvement….Boy this is a big can of worms because there are many different ways that a teacher can be involved and every teacher thinks their way is the right one. Well, I’m going to only give you one way that, in my opinion, is one of the best. At 8:20 am students are allowed into their classrooms at our school, which normally means the door is unlocked and the kids come in, the teacher says “hi” while directing the students in the daily start up routine. There is one teacher though, who stands at his door to greet each child by name, with a handshake, a “Good Morning” and a “How are you today?”. To me this shows the children that this teacher cares about them. It might take 10 minutes to do this, but he gets feedback and can take the extra time to work with or talk with anyone who might not be doing well or who has a problem.

Administration Involvement….Administration that walks the classrooms, sits in on a class, participates in lead teacher meetings helps with the students learning experience in more than one way. A principal that will go to a classroom to help teach a lesson is valuable. One that is able to lead, or more to the point to instill the want to follow by their staff is invaluable in shaping the way students learn. Our principal, Michelle Henderson made a deal with the students of her school that if they read enough books to earn 50,000 points she would jump out of a plane onto the PE field. Those points were earned through passing tests about those books they read. Well, those kids read a lot of books, over 2,500 and scored 57,000 points by passing those tests. Ms. Henderson jumped out of that plane last week to a cheering crowd of students.

I’ve purposely left technology off this list because there are a lot of things that don’t get noticed while we are pushing the technology. This post is meant to highlight some of the small things that happen that make our children want to learn, make them feel that someone cares.

The title of this post “It’s all about the kids” came from Ms. Henderson. I’ve heard her say it more than once and I know that she means it. It’s a joy to work at the school I do because the person at the top inspires her staff to keep their eye on the goal……the kids.

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  1. Hi Ed,

    Yes I will post at least once a month for June, July and more in August as we go back to school on the 13th of August.

    I’m actually in the process of writing another post about the ActivBoards and one about the loss of 7 billion in funds for education in Florida.


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