ActivBoards vs SMART Boards

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I’m running a poll on the usage of ActivBoards versus SMART Boards in the the school systems around the world. Vote below and please feel free to comment and discuss this in the comment section below.

Personally I’ve used both in our district, but we have went strictly ActivBoards in the whole district this past year. They have been a big hit, I would hope so when they cost $14 million, with the staff and the students. I look forward to seeing us increase our grades on the FCAT this year.

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2 thoughts on “ActivBoards vs SMART Boards

  1. What would you say is the major distinction between the two? I am not familiar with Activboards.

  2. ActivBoards use one Pen instead of multiple different colored pens for the boards. The software that comes with an ActivBoards ActivStudio and ActivPrimary have a range of uses, but the flipchart is it’s greatest advantage. A flipchart is a PowerPoint on steriods, and you can look at flipcharts at

    Some other things that are a plus for the ActivBoard are add on ActiVotes and ActivSlates. The votes are little voting eggs and the slates are mini boards that you can use at a desk that connect to the ActivBoard wireless.

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