2008 Education & Technology Resolutions/Goals

For the New Year I have the following goals for my blog and work:

  1. Write 3 posts per week for Education and Technology.
  2. Work on getting better training for tech support in our school district.
  3. Give the best tech support I can to the staff and teachers of my school.
  4. Learn more about ActivBoard technology than I already know.
  5.  Get my needed certifications for career advancement.
  6. Be happy!

The last goal is personal and something we should all strive for. What are your goals?


One thought on “2008 Education & Technology Resolutions/Goals

  1. My goals are to:
    1. get back to my regular eating habits.
    2. practice my big three everyday. Even if it’s just visualized.
    3. to do the best I can with everything at hand.
    4. learn more about electricity, music, math, carpentry, and healing.
    5.get my needed certifications for career advancement.
    6. have a good time.

    Thank you for sharing your goals. Thought you had a good thing going, so I went with it. Happy New Year, may you achieve your goals in excellent health and in excellent company.

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