Vote No on Amendment One

Here is what the local newspaper recommends on Amendment 1:

The proposed amendment that voters are considering between now and Jan. 29 has serious flaws:
It doesn’t provide tax reform.
It doesn’t eliminate inequities; in fact, it exacerbates them.
And it would further restrict the ability of local governments — the governments closest to the people — to respond to community needs.
We recommend voting NO, against proposed Revision No. 1.

Source: Sarasota Herald Tribune Editorial Staff – Vote “No” on Amendment 1

What other organizations are against Amendment One?

Here they are:

Florida AFL-CIO and affiliated unions
Professional Firefighters of Florida including our local firefighters
SEIU – Service Employees International Union
Florida Police Chiefs’ Association
Florida Tax Watch
Florida League of Cities
Florida Association of Counties
Florida PTA
Florida League of Woman Voters
Human Services Coalition of Miami-Dade
Florida ACORN
Sarasota Classified Teachers Association

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