Dateline Florida – For Schools' Sake, Vote No on Amendment One

Gene Witt, a respected retired School Superintendent writes a very moving piece on Amendment One.

As a career educator and former Superintendent of Manatee County Schools, I am adamantly opposed to the Jan. 29 constitutional amendment for property tax reform because I firmly believe that if passed, it would pull the rug out from under schoolchildren in Florida.

Source: For schools’ sake, vote no on property tax amendment

It looks like the Amendment is far below the 60% super majority requirement to pass. According to a poll in the only 45% of Floridians likely to vote are in favor of the amendment, with 34% against and 21% undecided. It is unlikely that 15% of the undecided will vote for the amendment. A statistical analysis of the 79% decided voters shows that 11.96% of the undecided would vote for the amendment if the proper probabilities fall as they should. This gives the amendment just 56.96% of the vote, falling 3% short if every undecided votes the way they should.

My thoughts are that it will get just under 50% of the vote.

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