Teacher Complains About Technology

I was reading my RSS Feeds when I came across this post from 43 Folders.

I also like to not re-invent the wheel as I have other things to do.

Source: Teacher’s Productivity Hampered by technology. No love. | 43 Folders

This to me shows a lack of understanding your students, the world around you and the need to grow with the newest developments in society. Why don’t we just go back to no calculators, typewriters, and the belief that the world is flat. I’m not sure if this teacher even knows what his students do in their spare time or what technology they use on a daily basis. It’s the digital age, you need to grow with the target audience. You need to learn how to grab their interest, which is best done with the technology that the kids are using and are best suited too. Not what you as a teacher are comfortable with.

Not only that, but moving to the new technology will in the long run make a teachers job easier. So you have to spend a little time an effort to make the change now, but you will make it up in saved time and better student participation and achievement. If you are not willing to grow, you are going to rot. Leaders take chances, leaders are on the bleeding edge of technology, leaders see the goal and grab for it with both hands.

The teacher in afore mentioned article has none of these character traits that I can see. Another Dinosaur that will freeze and become a fossil because he could or wouldn’t adapt, add to or change his teaching style. He already has enough to do and thinks that the wheel, US education, is fine as is. I hate to bring it up, but the US is one of the worst countries in education. It won’t get any better while we have teachers that think this way.

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