When you don’t have the Time

I’ve been working a second job sine the beginning of the year which has cut down on my free time. With the cut back in time I’ve had to prioritize that time between doing my blogs or spending it with my family. Of course my family has won that battle, so I have not been posting for the last month as the second job has started taking off with more work equaling less free time.

I do get a chance to read my RSS feeds and wanted to share some of the best reading that I get to do during lunch or late at night. Here is my list of the top 5 feeds I like to read:

  1. Problogger
  2. Zenhabits
  3. Weblogg-ed
  4. Zero Day
  5. Education IT

The above are my 5 must reads from the 31 feeds that I have in Google Reader, but I do have 2 other favorites that I like to follow so I would like to share them also….. Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub and the “The Official Dilbert Website.”


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