New Learning Management System: “haiku LMS”

This post was contributed by Heather Johnson, who is an industry critic on Devry University review. She invites your feedback at:

Teachers who are interested in blended learning are seeing many new Web 2.0 tools come and go these days. One of the most promising tools that recently launched is haiku LMS. This learning management system delivers a robust series of features so that teachers can seamlessly integrate the Web with classroom instruction. As the makers of haiku LMS say, “The message, not the medium, is what we are about.”

The user-friendly interface of haiku LMS means that teachers and students can adopt the new system with little to no training. Individual teachers can create and administer course content, assignments and assessments. Both students and teachers can easily collaborate through the system, exchanging messages and homework assignments.

haiku LMS offers enterprise-level service and support. Administrators can even implement the system throughout a school, rather than starting an account for a single class. Naturally, there are different fees attached to the various levels of support. Although there are open-source content management systems available for free, some teachers may opt for a commercial service like haiku LMS, if only for the professional support.

There has been a lot of positive feedback on this streamlined management system (self-described as “zen-like”). Various testimonials from educators are advertised on the site’s homepage, as people have been testing the system since its 1.0 launch in 2006. Things are constantly being updated and improved on with haiku LMS and I highly recommend it to teachers everywhere. A 60-day free trial, completely risk free is offered.

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