9/11 Seven Years Later – Does Anyone Care?

Every year I honor the memory of those who lost their lives on 9/11 with a prayer and a moment of solitude. I lost a childhood friend that day at the Pentagon, but that just makes me more focused on the event. Everyone that lost their life in those terrorist attacks deserves to be remembered by every American, every adult, every child.

“He who forgets the past is bound to repeat it.”

I saw a great example of this while reading CNN today. I saw a poll, while not scientific, that showed that 84% of the people responding did not do anything special to commemorate this day, or those American hero’s. We need to teach our children about this day, a day that should be etched into our history as Pearl Harbor is. We need to teach them about terrorism, what it is, why someone would resort to terrorism and also about compassion and about being open minded. Terrorism isn’t determined by race, it crosses all races, backgrounds, gender and countries.

Please remember, please care, our freedom and our future depend on it.