Obama Wants Openness, Politico's want "More of the Same"

What are we telling our children when we want less honesty, less scrutiny, less forthright politicians? Are we telling them it’s okay to cheat a little bit, we don’t need to know everything? This is a small quote from a CNN article:

Obama’s vetting could chase away candidates – CNN.com

…some political observers say the president-elect’s similar caution with respect to recruiting new administration officials and key high-level advisers may be turning away a string of qualified candidates wary of subjecting themselves and their families to the most rigid presidential vetting process on record.

So, what does this say about these people? Why should we care about people that don’t want to go through a rigorous process? If they have nothing to hide then they shouldn’t care. This is the type of change that we need in Washington. This is the type of change that will bring the trust back to the White House.

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