Social Media in the Classroom

Our district has Facebook and Twitter blocked for reasons I don’t know. I’ve been using Facebook for a while, but just started using it regularly in the last 3 months. I’ve been cautious in how I use it, especially with whom I have as friends. I only have 15 friends and most are either school related, people I work with or people in the technology field. I only have 2 people that I know as personal friends on Facebook and I also have a few people that are blogging people like
John Chow at John Chow Dot Com.

I am also on Twitter, which I have been using quite a lot recently. I see a use for these in a classroom setting, along with a need for the school systems to teach proper online use with these programs to our students. Seeing that you can communicate with a large group of people using both sites, I think that it would be a great idea to have an elective class on it’s use and a have them used in any class as a way to communicate ideas, or schedules or even homework.

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