What is the Biggest Roadblock to Your Productivity?

Yesterday on Twitter Leo Babauta of the Zen Habits blog asked anyone to tweet him with a question about his area’s of expertise which is  kind of self help on achieving goals, productivity, being organized…. happiness, and successfully implementing good habits. I asked:

“what do find is the #1 roadblock for people to productivity?

His reply was an interesting one and of course to the point because of  Twitters 140 character limit. I found it very interesting considering how our life is going very high tech and the forum that we are conversing is online. So what did he say?

#1 productive roadblock for most people? distractions: email, internet reading, messages, etc. Clear away distractions!

What I take away from this is that you should only do the amount of something that you need, not more just because it’s there. These distractions I believe are addictions. You are addicted to email, you check your mail all the time to see if someone has responded to your email. You just read, read, read and read some more because you just want something to do on the computer. It’s the same as vegging in front of the TV just because. We all have things to do, get them done, don’t be distracted by your addiction to things that keep you away from what you need to do.

The reason I talk about this is something that a college Trigonometry professor once told me. He said, “the quicker you get your work done, the more  time you have to enjoy the important things in life”. So to apply that to students today, if they sit down, work on their studies, take them seriously for time that it takes to work through them then they will have more time to enjoy themselves. They may also enjoy school more because they didn’t get distracted, waste their time and not get their studies done. That leads to poor grades, lower self esteem from negative reinforcement and drop outs. Lets get our students to get it done, then they can play. I think it can work if we are positive with our students.

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