Delicious as a Tool for Teachers

I’ve been using Delicious for a while now for saving web sites that I find useful in solving technology problems. After I fix something most people say “I don’t know how you know all this information.” and I say, “I don’t know it all, I know where to find it and where to save it.” Google is your friend, it helps you find what you need and Delicious helps you save it for when you need it. I would never carry a book or expect myself to remember all the data that I need to fix the things I’m responsible for.

At the same time, teachers shouldn’t have to memorize all their curriculum or items that enhance it either. They should be able to get the information, save it to Delicious, then retrieve it at a later time when they need it for a class. Could you see a teacher being able to log into Delicious, search a tag and come up with a web site in seconds for a class on the spur of a moment. That enhances the learning experience for the students. It gives them something extra and teaches them another way to use the resources at hand to get information relevant to a subject they are studying.

Another way to use Social Media to our advantage teaching students with current technology.


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