The 5 Things To Do Before Calling Tech Support

Today was one of those days where you wonder if the End User follows any simple problem solving before calling the service desk to get tech support.

To set this up, understand that I just get the service request from a service desk that actually talks to the client/teacher. The service desk at the present time does minimal first response help. Just the basics for whatever is wrong. I’m sure that the teacher was asked a few basic questions before the request was sent to me.

The problem I received on my blackberry was for a printer that was not printing in a lab. Luckily I have the HP WebJet Admin software on my laptop so I was able to see from my office that the printer was out of paper. I called the lab to tell the teacher that was now in the room, as there is normally a 20 minute delay in the service request being called in and my receiving it, that they would need to replenish the paper if they wanted to print. they thanked me and I went on my way to my next request.

Now, that request should never have made it to me because the teacher should have taken the 30 seconds to check the paper, instead of picking up the phone to call for help. So, here are the 5 things that anyone should do before calling tech support:

  1. Is the equipment plugged in?
  2. Is the equipment turned on?
  3. Does the printer have paper?
  4. Are all the cables plugged into the computer, i.e. keyboard, mouse, network cable, monitor?
  5. Have you rebooted to see if it corrects the problem?

99% of all tech support problems can be fixed with these 5 steps. Trust me, I have templates for these five problems in solution form to place in my service requests “Work” line when I close them.

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