Social Media – Educators Need to Use and Know It

I completely believe that we should be using Social Media to connect with our students. They use it, everyone uses it. People knew about the plane crash in Buffalo and the splash down in the Hudson from Twitter and Facebook before it was on CNN or any other news show. It’s a way to communicate, it’s going to be the way to communicate in the future.

Here is a great example of the mainstream media using social media. CNN has a presence on Twitter along with some of its anchors. Don Lemon of CNN uses Twitter, @donlemoncnn to get people to give input before and during his show. He even shows the tweets on screen during the show. I follow Don and saw one of his tweets asking questions about items for his 7pm and 11pm show. I replied to his tweet and my reply ended up being seen on screen with others on worldwide CNN! Hows that for a little tech support in an Elementary school?

I participate in the social media because it’s a news source, it’s a way to keep up with people in my field, it’s a good way to network and it’s a good way to make new contacts. By the way it’s a lot of fun!

So, if our kids are going to use it, and it’s a good source of information, why aren’t we involved and teaching it? I bet you could get a class to use twitter to do a research project with a one page report or blog on the topic in one 50 minute class using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TwitPic, Vimeo Videos and I could go on.

Speaking of interacting in social media, I was able to send a Valentines Shout Out to my wife via Twitter to John Chow’s Weekly Dot Com Pho Video.

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