Education in a Technology That Saves Lives

Being educated, doesn’t always mean learning from a book. Sometimes it means listening to others who are experts in a field, or searching for information on the web. Sometimes it takes a tragedy like the one of the 3 missing boaters in the Gulf off Clearwater, FL. Since Clearwater is within 50 miles of where we live, I have been watching intently in hopes that all of these men would be found alive. As of today it looks more and more like they won’t.

The education that we can get from this is that there are many things you can carry on a boat that will save your life and you should have more than just life jackets. One high tech item which costs from $200 to $1500 is an EPIRB, or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. Considering the price of the boat, $200 to save your life is a small price to pay. I believe that this item should be included in the items required for any boater.

So, what is an EPIRB you ask?

Well it’s a GPS that sends your location to a satellite and that information goes to the Coast Guard. If you want to read more about an EPIRB click here.

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