FCAT Information You May Need

Update 4/27/09:

How and when are student FCAT results returned to students?
Individual student FCAT results are shipped by the test-scoring contractor to school districts in early May for distribution to schools and students.

Update 4/30/09 – FCAT Write 2009 Scores CLICK HERE

Yes, this week starts full FCAT testing in our district on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It also continues next week on Monday and Tuesday for Science. I have seen the hits on my blog increase for my previous FCAT posts and thought that this updated post may help people go to the Florida Department of Education site to get their one stop information fix.

If you are searching for any information on the FCAT, please click here for the FDOE FCAT site.

For the testing schedule please click here for the 2009 schedule PDF.

The results will be published later next month. They will be available at the main FDOE FCAT Site.

Good luck to the students taking the test.