Top Thinker Contest – I Won Best Thought

During the month of February Michael Kwan ran the Top Thinker Contest on his blog beyond the rhetoric. He had two prizes, one for the most comments and one for the best thought. Well, yours truly won for the best thought.

I had the second most comments, and was in the running for most comments when I decided that I wasn’t concentrating on the quality of my comments. At that point I stopped trying to win most comments and concentrated on making sure I was taking the time to post comments that actually had a point that someone would want to read.

I won some nice prizes, they included a white t-shirt from Blue Phoenix Media, a Griffin iClear Case for the iPod touch, and a wooden USB flash drive (1GB) from Targus.

Top Thinker – Best Thought from Ray Ebersole on Vimeo.

Thank you to Michael Kwan, who is a freelance writer. I highly recommend his blogs, as they are insightful and fun to read. A plus about beyond the rhetoric is that it runs the gambit from movies to grammar lessons to video games. Something for everyone, written for the enjoyment of the reader.

Drop by his blog, and follow him on twitter @michaelkwan

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6 thoughts on “Top Thinker Contest – I Won Best Thought

  1. Congrats for winning some nice prizes with that touching comment.

    That was one hell of a ‘SPAMMING’ contest, well almost, until your saving-grace comments came to the rescue!

  2. Thanks! I had a long talk with me, and decided that it should stop. That isn’t what I wanted it to be about. Quality, enjoying myself and learning how to write better posts is what I started it for.

    Now I’ve found a nice place to hang out, read good posts and discuss them.

  3. I’m not trying to be rude or something but I think it’s “I had a long talk with myself” rather than “I had a long talk with me”.

  4. Although it may sound awkward, I think Ray has it right with “I had a long talk with me.” Consider these two similar sentences:

    1) He had a long talk with me/myself.
    2) I had a long talk with him/himself.

    In both cases, the words ending in -self sound wrong to me, so I’m thinking that Ray’s construction would be correct to not use myself.

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