Twitter Terminology – A Short Tutorial

Michael Kwan has written a blog post with a short, informative post on the different Twitter terms. Check it out:

Glossary of Twitter Terminology « Beyond the Rhetoric

While I’m at it I wanted to just say that there are just too many applications and web sites that help users analyze or use Twitter. Just to give you an example of some of the insanity, this is a little back and forth I had with a friend on Facebook:

Ray Ebersole

Not a big fan of the new Facebook front end. It’s too twitterish and I use twitter more than Facebook. Why then do I need Facebook? It’s like using two twitters.

Cherrie Kerr Mucciarone

can you say Twitter one more time? lol!

Ray Ebersole

You can Tweet on Twitter or TweetDeck or Twitterberry or TwitterFone. You can tweet on the web, or just tweet with Thwirl. But twitter is fun because us tweeters are just for the birds.

Ray Ebersole

You can send pictures to TwitPic, you can send tweets later with TweetLater, you can do a poll on twtpoll.There is:

# twittervision
# twitterfeed
# tweetscan
# twistori
# twitter-search
# twitterrific
# twitterholic
# tweetstats
# twellow
# twitturly
# twitter-grader
# twitscoop

I can go on, but I don’t want to bore you. 😉

Cherrie Kerr Mucciarone

Stop the Twitter-Insanity!!! lol!

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