Florida Gov. Crist doesn't Care about Education

Crist opposes 1-cent school tax | Jacksonville.com

Gov. Charlie Crist says he opposes a 1-cent sales tax increase to help fund public education.“A one-cent increase, I don’t like that. I don’t like taxes,” the governor told a group in Mayport on Mar. 18. “You can live within your means and do more with less,” Crist said. “We have an opportunity to continue the funding levels without having to raise revenue.”

In the quote above from a recent article from Jacksonville.com Florida governor Charlie Crist states that we don’t need more money to fund education. Of course the governor has no clue about education needs. He wants to do more with less. He wants to go backward, let the kids suffer with inferior education. The Florida government has just ignored education, lied to education and basically not done anything for the children of the state for decades. When they said they would hold education harmless in cuts, they lied. When the lottery started they said they would leave funding already in place alone, not replacing it with the funds that the lottery brought in. They lied, so who is their in government to trust?

Florida educational spending ranks 41st in the nation per-pupil, it is only going to get worse with the budget cuts and the withholding’s that are now occurring. We need help, but don’t expect it from the current Florida government.

Wake up Governor Crist, give up your butler, your chef and the other perks that you get. Give that money to the state to use. We are all having to buckle up in these times of crisis, why don’t you Mr. Crist?

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