Stimulus Money Getting to the Right People?

Some Rich Districts Get Richer as Federal Money Is Rushed to Schools –

In pouring rivers of cash into states and school districts, Washington is using a tangle of well-worn federal formulas, some of which benefit states that spend more per pupil, while others help states with large concentrations of poor students or simply channel money based on population. Combined, the formulas seem to take little account of who needs the money most.

As a result, some districts that are well off will find themselves swimming in cash, while some that are struggling may get too little to avoid cutbacks.

According to this article from the NY Times, it seems that no one has really looked at who is getting the Stimulus money. Does it matter who is running the country when they don’t manage the money correctly. I thought the election of President Obama was to straighten out the problems that have been created in the last eight years. Maybe, we need managers actually trained in the field of education, and real advisers who are in the field seeing who needs the money before rushing to pass a package that isn’t helping the way the people of America need it to.

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