Reading Under the Stars

I went back to school Wednesday night to watch over the technology for our “Reading Under the Stars” program. It was in conjunction with the PTO Book Fair which has been running for the past week in the media center. We were setup outside in our courtyard with people on blankets and lawn chairs while teachers, parents and administrators read different books. Between stories we gave away books to people who had purchased books at the Fair and received a raffle ticket. We used an AverMedia Document Camera, a projector and an ActivBoard to show the book pages as they were read.

The turn out was pretty good, while the stories were read with great drama and style. Two of the best readers were Mrs. Bobbie Petty with her husband Larry playing Farmer Brown.

2nd Grade Teacher Bobbie PEtty

2nd Grade Teacher Bobbie Petty & husband Larry

The other was our AP John Weida. He has developed a following with his inspired readings of Skippyjon Jones and treated the students and parents gathered together to an amazing story. I have to say that it was almost like watching the Rocky Horror Picture show with the interactive audience. My daughter thought that Mr. Weida was the best and the black eared Skippyjon Jones was the cats meow!

This is what education is about. We need to get the kids involved by doing fun things with them. Mr. Weida reads every Friday morning on our news broadcast BWN. It definitely is the highlight of the week. Kids talk about it all week, and they actually read books to be able to suggest one to Mr. Weida. We need to see more of this if we want to increase our children’s knowledge, if we want “No Child Left Behind.”

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  1. This is a great way to get kids into reading and I totally agree that is what education is all about.

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