Conflicker Raises April 1st Update Questions

Do you do auto updates on your computers at school? Our district has been using a WSUS server to do updates. It is important that we keep updated, especially with the hype surrounding the newest version of the Conficker worm that is to be released on us on April 1st.

This worm cannot hurt you if you are doing windows updates, but will wreak havoc if you don’t. In an educational situation, you don’t want to be exposing students to things like:

Conficker’s ability to launch a second stage, downloading additional code that could hijack computers completely, steal personal information, or commit basic extortion — demanding money for fake anti-virus software claiming to remove the infection.Source:

Remember this is a network virus, it is sitting doormat, but has symptoms like slow internet and Antivirus being disabled. If you have a system like this patch it and run an antivirus.

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