The Poor Economy, Get a Mac or a PC? Microsoft Says

Microsoft has a new ad campaign that features a girl named Lauren that has $1000 to buy a computer. She goes to the Apple store (she calls it the Mac Store) but can’t get what she wants for $1000. She then goes to Best Buy and ends up with an HP, which happens to be the vendor for our district.

In these economic times a Mac is way too expensive and I believe they are too expensive at any time. You can get, for a lower price what you need with a PC as you can with a Mac. You don’t have to return it to an Apple store or authorized Mac dealer to get it fixed. Plus the cost of fixing a PC is half of what it is for a Mac. Before the Mac fanboys start, lets first say that I’ve worked with both Macs and PC’s and YES Mac’s do break.

Video: Laptop Hunters $1000 – Lauren Gets an HP Pavilion

Enjoy watching Lauren look for her PC. It’s a good campaign for Microsoft.

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2 thoughts on “The Poor Economy, Get a Mac or a PC? Microsoft Says

  1. I have worked with both Mac and PC as well (Macs definitely break!). I prefer Macs because of their simplicity and because the configuration is much more standardized, i.e. when I sit down at a Mac, I pretty much know what to expect as far as software and hardware components, with PCs… not so much. But, I have never bought a Mac for myself, for one simple reason – they are just too expensive. I would one-up you on this though and jump right to a Linux machine. Dell now sells machines with Ubuntu on them and anyone who feels confident in her/his computer use skills to debate Mac v. Windows can certainly learn to be proficient in Linux in no time. This option will save even more money.

  2. Linux will save more money on the OS, but training is another. I just don’t see it being a feasible OS because the resistance to change and the amount of retraining that would be needed for the teachers. Add to it that the programs the students use would have to Linux compatible, which most are not, so there is another reason to not do it. It would just put student achievement way behind.

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