Do Unto Your Technology as You Want Me to Do Unto You

That quote in the title, while twisted to get my meaning across goes a long way to teaching students. If you want good, working equipment, you need to treat it correctly. If you want your students to treat the technology correctly, you have to step up and show them how to treat it. If you don’t the students won’t, the equipment will break. You won’t be able to use it correctly or at all, while at the same time you have taught a negative lesson. If you don’t take care of the technology I provide support for, I will make sure it gets taken away until you learn how to use it correctly. The technology in our school is like my children, treat my children correctly, set the proper example.

It takes 1 time to create a bad habit, while it takes 1000 times to memorize a good one. Which one are you setting for you students?

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