Students are Affected by Teachers

Our district has had some of it’s largest movement in instructional teachers in almost 20 years. Teachers, based on seniority displace other junior teachers until there are no more positions available. This year about 128 teachers do not have a position and are placed on the temporarily unassigned list. They are the first called back by seniority when someone retires, or a position is created based on needs. We have had at a lot of teachers moved that are very well liked, do a great job with their students and are an asset to the schools that they are currently at. It is a shame that they have to move, but that is the agreement that the school board and the union have in place voted on by the district staff.

It has become apparent that the students do care about who is teaching them, as they have written letters to the school board, the schools and to the local newspaper about two of these teachers. It is playing out in public, which is a great lesson in civics, business, contracts, life first amendment rights to free speech and how it works. Hopefully these students don’t get discouraged because of things that are out of their control, no matter how much attention, or pressure is brought to bear on this situation.

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