Bing this, Bing that, is Bing good?

Bing is Microsoft’s new search engine, or called a decision machine by many people. I feel that it is just a different way to search.

I like what it gives me, but it is still a work in progress. The biggest thing that I believe that holds it back right now is the preview in video that allows you to hover and view a clip and the ability to turn off safe search that allows adult content, graphic adult content to be viewed by anyone with just a little knowledge of how a computer works. That means most of today’s youth can set Bing to view adult content.

That begs to the question of should the k12 school districts block the use of Bing. I believe they should because you cannot watch every child every second they are using a computer in a classroom. As a technology support professional I wish that was possible, but it isn’t, so the best solution for the present is to have the district block Bing in it’s filters at a district level.

While preview is a great feature it has not been thought out or implemented properly yet.

Want to read more on the preview feature and Microsoft’s so called workaround visit Larry Magid at Large

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