School Boards Try to Stay Ahead of Technology Curve With Twitter

The school board I work for has now started using twitter. They can be followed at @sarasotaschools. It is a growing trend now to use Twitter to disseminate information to the public about what is going on in government and school districts. One of the issues I have with using using Twitter is whether it is being used as a tool or a gimmick.

Do school boards understand how to use Twitter or are they jumping on the bandwagon? Twitter is a great way to promote yourself or a school district, but it also has to publicized through normal media so that people know you are using it. Also, the majority of people do not have a Twitter account or even know what Twitter is. That is a roadblock that needs to be broached with mainstream media information and training for the community you are trying to reach.

For the sake of this great means of information sharing I hope that it is supported and pushed to the public correctly or it will become a fad that will die like disco.

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