Budget Cuts Mean Layoffs

Less students means less staff needed to teach and support them. But, the problem is not just the economy or the declining enrollment. No, the other problem is that when we had the money and the students we spent, spent and spent some more. This fat cat, short sighted management approach was the fault of many people who we don’t need to blame, but we do need to learn from their mistakes and grow. When we don’t have a standard for the people that we elect to a management position we are at fault. We need to look more carefully, make better decisions when we vote on who controls the purse strings.

In our district 300 people were displaced and there were people who could not be placed into a position on the instructional level. We have to hope that the economy gets better, that prices get better and that people can afford to live in our county. As of the 2nd day of classes we have just 50 some people still laid off.

I always remember this quote: “He who fails to remember his history is bound to repeat it.”

Let’s not repeat it, please?

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