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I added the Google Analytics Plugin to a few months ago and have been  tracking it as we went through the summer. During that time I was not post at any regular rate. I have a plugin that posts my weekly tweets on Wednesday nights, which was 90 percent of the posts during the summer. I really don’t post during the summer because even though I am working as a 12 month employee, the teachers and students are off. That makes for not a lot of things in education to talk about. As we have gotten back I have started to post some, but I am completely swamped with start of the year things on top of a complete computer refresh over the summer.

I have the last 30 days of Google Analytics below and I am impressed with delicious actually sending 6 referrers. My normally number one referrer Michael Kwan and his blog Beyond the Rhetoric slipped this month, but his blog is a great read and I was the Top Thinker on his blog last month. So here are the stats from for August 2009. It will be interesting to see how September trends as I get back in the swing with teachers, students and writing.

Top Pages

  1. ActivBoards vs SMART Boards | Education and Technology – 37 Views
  2. Broward County School District Using Twitter | Education and Technology – 30 Views
  3. FCAT 2009 Underway – Prediction on Scores | Education and Technology – 28 Views
  4. I’d Rather Have a Root Canal | Education and Technology – 21 Views
  5. ActivBoards | Education and Technology – 14 Views

Top Referrers

  1. – 6 Visits
  2. – 6 Visits
  3. – 5 Visits
  4. – 3 Visits
  5. – 1 Visits

Top Searches

  1. activboards – 10 Visits
  2. fcat scores 2009 – 8 Visits
  3. school districts using twitter – 3 Visits
  4. 2009 fcat scores – 2 Visits
  5. – 2 Visits

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