FoxNews Clueless on Education and Safety

I was watching FoxNews this morning because that is where the TV was set by my wife the night before. The three news anchors were talking about a student who had been expelled for stabbing or “poking”, as one anchor put it, another student with a sharp pencil. The anchors on this program thought that expelling the student was too harsh a punishment for using a pencil to stab someone with and that the zero tolerance policies were too tough on students.

I’m sorry, but these anchors need to spend some time in a school and think about what happened. The student used a weapon to STAB another student. A pencil is a weapon when turned on someone else to do harm and should be treated like any other weapon. This student should actually be in juvenile hall under arrest for assault  and battery. Expulsion should be the least of his worries.

FoxNews, please get a grip and hire some people that know what they are talking about and have some common sense. In the self defense courses I help teach we actually tell out students that the best weapon to have around is a pencil, or a pen. They are easy to hold, they have multiple purposes and they are always around, EVERYWHERE! They hurt, they can cause major damage no matter where they are used on a human body.

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