Who's Right, AT&T or Verizon?

Have you been watching the feud over the Verizon 3G commercials about AT&T’s terrible coverage? A judge has denied AT&T’s request to pull the ad’s, but what is it based on, truth or just the way you read the copy?

As an iPhone user, I can tell you in just a few words that the AT&T coverage is terrible. The 3G is spotty and I lose it just a few miles out of town. Not only that but I can’t get the EDGE network either, while a friend with a Verizon BlackBerry Storm is kicking tale with a great signal. I love my iPhone, it’s a complete computer, smartphone all in one and is much better than the BlackBerry Curve I used to own. The App Store actually works with decent speed, the browser works like a real browser while the browser on the BlackBerry is useless. The only thing that the BlackBerry does well is Exchange Server email and the camera has a real zoom and flash.

AT&T is in for an eye opener when Apple gives up its exclusive license and goes to other providers with better service. When that day comes AT&T will lose at least 25 percent of its customer base. That’s a lowball number in my opinion, but I’d rather be on the low side than state some outrageous number. If the day comes before my contract is over I will pay the termination fee to move to another provider, just for the coverage.

Wake up AT&T, you are living your last years if you continue on the path you are now walking.

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