Thanksgiving, It's All About Family

I really enjoy the time I spend with my family, but not as much as I do at Thanksgiving. We spend every Sunday at my wife’s parents, sometimes her brother and girlfriend come also. But, at Thanksgiving we have other family members, we all cook, we all play, we all watch the Macy’s parade and we all watch movies at night.

This Thanksgiving is my son Andrew’s first and he has just started walking at 10 months, He prefers to crawl still, but when he is standing he will take a few steps or whatever he feels he wants to take to get where he is going. We have a tape of video from today with everyone asking him to walk to them, so I expect him to sleep well tonight.

My daughter helped both my wife and I cook for Thanksgiving. She was very proud of her cranberry sauce and sweet potato crumble casserole. She danced and sang while watching the parade and has now settled in to watch Cars on TV. I am so proud of her, at 4 years old she likes to read, wants to play with mommy and daddy and loves her little brother.

This is what Thanksgiving is about. Family is important, but most of the year we forget about the whole family, about doing things together, being together. If you want to bring this Thanksgiving type family to your life every week of the year try calling, emailing, seeing or writing one member of your extended family each week. That is only 52 extra moments each year that don’t have to take a whole day, just a few minutes. You will be surprised with the good feeling you have all year.

Have a great day, or not. The choice is yours!

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