What Really Matters, Celebrity or Real World?

I am tired of celebrities taking the limelight from real life concerns. Yesterday Tiger Woods had an accident, in the process he received minor injuries. All day and into this morning all the major networks have called in their lawyers, analysts or in one case Mark Furman from the OJ trial to talk about it. WHY? It was an accident, he is a celebrity but he didn’t kill anyone, he is okay. Get over it, get on with the news that matters in the real world. I have barely seen any coverage of the family that was killed in Florida by a family member nor have I seen any coverage of the world events. We have a possible terrorist act in Russia, but it is getting less coverage than Tiger.

Maybe this is why our school systems are having a hard time meeting No Child Left behind. The world or the media doesn’t care about what is really important.

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3 thoughts on “What Really Matters, Celebrity or Real World?

  1. But that’s the way the media world goes, no amount of ranting is gonna change the scene anytime soon.

    The media stations need huge viewership in order to sell airtime to advertisers and what better way to attract huge viewership than with celebrity gossip which, often than not, appears larger than life.

    And therein lies what’s important to the media stations – advertising dollars.

    • Yes, but it shouldn’t be that way. News is supposed to be news, not what gets the advertising dollars.

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