What Do Blog Stats Mean?

With the end of the month close enough to call it a month in the holiday season, I thought I would check out my stats. Below are the latest from Edutechation and not surprisingly I see that my involvement in Social Media makes up 57 of the 87 top referrers. My active involvement reading and commenting on Michael Kwan’s blog Beyond the Rhetoric amounts to almost as much as my Twitter account.

The surprising stat is the top referrer, which comes from a link to my top post of the month. The link is on a Spanish education blog/Wiki. The number two top post has come from a post that still gets a lot of hits on the old Edutechation and I imported here. It is a tech fix for Outlook Express, which is leading me to believe that I should write more posts in my niche of tech support. Something else that I have found is that sensational posts on current topics tend to get a lot of hits for the short term, but do get hits.

So what do all these stat’s mean? They mean I am going to be moving to a more eclectic type of posting about tech support, current affairs and education. At some point I may change the blog name and domain, but if I do I will do it with a lot of consultation from the people that I respect in this field. Until then, I am going to continue with my social media, and other methods of getting my blog to grow while trying to make it more viable with what I am posting.

Top Pages

  1. Which Wiki to Use? | Education and Technology – 34 Views
  2. When Outlook Express Won’t Delete Email’s | Education and Technology – 33 Views
  3. FCAT 2009 Underway – Prediction on Scores | Education and Technology – 32 Views
  4. What Really Matters, Celebrity or Real World? | Education and Technology – 25 Views
  5. ActivBoards vs SMART Boards | Education and Technology – 24 Views

Top Referrers

  1. recursostic.educacion.es – 30 Visits
  2. twitter.com – 24 Visits
  3. btr.michaelkwan.com – 17 Visits
  4. ow.ly – 11 Visits
  5. bit.ly – 5 Visits

Top Searches

  1. fcat scores 2009 – 8 Visits
  2. fcat results 2009 – 6 Visits
  3. free promethean software – 5 Visits
  4. activboards – 4 Visits
  5. activboard vs smartboard – 3 Visits

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