Finally, A Christmas I Get What I Ask For!

When you are younger you get toys and all kinds of cool things for Christmas. As you get into your late teens and twenties, the cool things kind of get replaced with socks, ties, underwear and other gifts (fruit cake). As you get into your 40’s and later you start asking for socks and underwear because you really need them but you get the unneeded tie or some other cutesy turtleneck or game that you will never use.

I always ask for one thing that I really need along with the socks and underwear these days. This year I asked for a new laptop backpack. Figuring that I wouldn’t get it I had stashed away the $90 for it after the holidays, but lest I get ahead of myself the in-laws actually bought me a real nice JanSport backpack that I had shown my wife online at Office Depot. I had seen it at the store when I was getting some supplies for the HP 2600n printer. Needless to say I was in a state of shock and almost forgot to say thank you before grabbing the old backpack and migrating everything to the new JanSport. Oh, I also got the socks and underwear.

Well, I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year!

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