Do You Need An Energy Ajustment?

Ever heard of “Do unto others as you have others do unto you”?

Let’s look at that as energy. The aura or energy you project at others affects them and how they interact with you. It’s kind of like a mirror, if you look in a mirror you see yourself. That is what most people will reflect back at you; yourself.

So, why not send energy that is going to get you what you want? Think before reflecting someones negative attitude back at them. You could change the whole outcome of the interaction with a positive energy. In other words, “Kill them with kindness”. Don’t let them bring you to that negative, don’t let them feel that the negative is the right answer.

It’s simple martial arts redirection or a magicians redirection. The art of war is about controlling a situation. That is all projecting the proper energy is all about.

Think about this the next time you have a child, a student or your own children. Are you projecting their bad attitude back at them when they don’t like the task you have given them? If you are, maybe you need an energy adjustment.

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