Conan Versus Jay

So let’s see, people are backing Conan 50-1 online in his battle with NBC. Most also readly admit that they have never watched his version of the Tonight Show. So why have an opinion?

I have watched both, so I don’t feel bad giving mine.

Here is the most telling of the facts that Conan just needs to listen to what he’s told: He has lost two million views nightly from the viewership of the Leno Tonight Show. That loss of viewership translates into Conan losing the late night wars to David Letterman. That is something Leno was winning for 14 years.

NBC has not been winning the 10pm slot for years so Leno wasn’t hurting that fact. In fact he was bringing in the numbers the network had promised. While that was still lower than what Leno had been pulling at 11:35pm with the Tonight Show, it was never a reality that the type of viewer that watched Tonight was going to move to 10pm.

With all that in mind, the move of Leno back to 11:35pm is the smart move and Conan should just move on. He doesn’t see that he doesn’t have the main stream attraction for that time slot and viewership.

The lesson from this? People all have opinions, even if they don’t have all the facts.

I welcome Jay back to late night!