CES Swag Contest at BTR

My Friend Michael Kwan is holding a contest to give away some of the swag he got at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). You have one week to enter, so you have until 10:59 a.m. PDT on January 25, 2010. I have won a few of his contests and have to say that his swag is pretty good. On top of that he writes a pretty mean blog that I think you would like to read. Want to get some of the CES swag? Click through to his blog Beyond the Rhetoric.

Again, go here: Beyond the Rhetoric to enter. By the way, you can follow Michael on twitter (incidentally one of the ways to enter the contest) at @michaelkwan and don’t forget to follow me, your host of Edutechation.com at @rayebersole or @edutechation.

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4 thoughts on “CES Swag Contest at BTR

  1. With so much exposure given to the contest this year, the participation rate would run high.

    Not good for me as it would reduce my chances drastically! I haven’t been lucky with BTR CES Swag contest so far.

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