It’s Different When You Have a School Age Children

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I’ve been working in my school district for 8 years now. This year my daughter started Kindergarten and I have gotten a new perspective on what a parent has to do with a child in school. My goal has always been to have the proper technology in the proper place to give the students the best opportunity to learn. Now as a parent I get to see the technology work. I get to go to Parent Nights, field trips and all kinds of educational things. I get to see homework, I get to use the technology I help to support from my daughters eyes and a parent perspective.

There is always more than what you see while you work, but it is refreshing to get to use the technology from another point of view. I believe that this actually gives me a better idea on how to work with the technology from my side of the fence as a tech support because I can see what the end users are seeing. I can see what isn’t working, I can see bugs in the system, I can see tricks or shortcuts that can be used to make the technology work better.

I look forward to the journey with my daughter through the system. To see her grow, learn and become a young woman that she wants to be with the technology that I help support.

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    betshopboy said:
    September 30, 2010 at 7:13 am

    I’m sure it would be a very fulfilling journey for you.

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