Learning Isn’t Just for the Students

Children are not the only people to learn something in a school district. The teachers learn things daily from their students, from other teachers, and from professional development. As a technology support person that floats throughout the district I get to see a lot of different people at all levels of the district, learning everyday. I believe that this position is such a great position to develop technical knowledge, learn the inner workings of dealing with vendors, and learn how policies and decisions affect the district as a whole. Another thing that I learn daily that I believe is one of the biggest advantages to me is how to deal with different people at different levels to solve their problems.

Some one said once that every person is different and needs to be treated differently from every other person. That is very true, but I would add that the approach needs to be sincere or the experience will not satisfy the customer. If you want to grow, want to make a difference, then you need to use what you learn everyday of your life.

Don’t overlook anything, it could be a lesson and it might come from the most unlikely source.


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