Too Many Minds

I have always liked Chinese culture and philosophy. Having grown up watching “Kung Fu Theater”, the “Green Lantern” and “Kung Fu” the series, I have always been interested in the other side of martial arts. What makes man a better person? I am sitting up at this moment at 2am watching “The Last Samurai” which is all about the philosophy, even with all the Hollywood action and drama. The concept of “Too Many Minds” comes from two scenes in the movie that teach a very simple, but very important lesson for life.

Everyone at one point or one time is able to separate all  the thoughts in their mind and clear their mind of all their thoughts – one mind. During that moment they do wondrous things like save a life, hit a home run, get an A on a test or just understand. In the movie, the son of Katsumoto says to Algren “Too many mind. Mind sword, mind people watch, mind enemy. Too many mind. No mind” This broken English sentence is what separates average from great, a good worker from a leader or manager.

Focus on the goal, the obstacles will present themselves in due time. Do not think about them, the goal will present answers on how to solve them. Do not think about who is watching you as you proceed to your goal, this will take away from  the goal. Do not think about what others think of you, this will take away from the goal. No matter what the goal, you can always do your best by not letting “Too Many Mind” from taking over.


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