Yahoo’s Bad Decision – Another Case of Blind Executives

A leaked video slide, a massive media push, an even more
massive response from the public. All of that leads to Yahoo
changing direction on it’s decision to sunset Delicious, kinda sort
of. They have given us a bunch of excuses for the direction of the
company and that it was the media’s fault for reporting the leaked
slide. All of this could have been avoided with one thing;
Intelligent, common sense decision making
by executives.

Yes, the executives at Yahoo live in a vacuum, not knowing what
consumers want. They have lost touch with the people that can make
them successful, the consumer. This is a problem with not only
Yahoo, but this could have been avoided with open communication
with their end user. We as consumers of Yahoo products and products
of all types just want to be treated with respect and open
communication. We can handle it, we are adults. Just tell us what’s
up and you actually might get some good feedback on how to change
it, make it better or how to move it so that you don’t have to
worry about it anymore. You can’t be all consumed with shareholders
and your own vision, your product will die on the vine without
listening to the person that you want to use your product. Yahoo is
in this situation because they don’t listen, they are just thinking
how to make and save money. Here is a tip to the Yahoo’s that made
this decision: “Want to make money? Concentrate on making the best
product you can, ask you end user what they think and offer more
than the other guy.”