Old, Cold and Tired

That is the description that was made about Brett Favre after he was knocked out the Vikings vs. Bears game. He couldn’t moved to avoid a defensive lineman rushing him and he was planted into the outdoor ice hard turf at the University of Minnesota. I have a lot of respect for the streak that Favre put together of 297 games in a row, but he should have retired at the end of last season as a winner. Actually, he should have retired when he left Green Bay with his legacy set as one of the all time greatest quarterbacks.

We try to teach our children to make good decisions, but it is hard to teach that lesson when they see someone in the position that Favre is, make a fiasco out of the the years since he retired from Green Bay, then unretired, then retired, then unretired. I could go on, but this just isn’t the model that we need our children seeing. Unfortunately commercialism makes role models out the rich and famous even when they are not the best for the position. Who should be role models for our children? I don’t completely have that answer, but I believe that we as parents need to take a major role in being the best we can as a role model.

“Old, Cold and Tired”, not what you want to hear about someone that is considered a role model. Did anyone ever think that would be said about Brett Favre?