Add Ubiquity Commands to Firefox without Ubiquity

Lifehacker has a nice post about adding Google Calendar Events through the Chrome Address Bar. The hack for Chrome uses adding a search engine, but I don’t use Chrome on a regular basis. I also used to have Ubiquity in Firefox, but it had crashing issues and I upgraded to the Firefox 4.07 beta so it is not compatible. When I read the Lifehacker post they mentioned it works in Firefox, so I decided to make it work and here is how to add custom Ubiquity events to Firefox without Ubiquity. Instead of a search engine, you use a bookmark in Firefox.

You first need the URL of the location of what you need to add, such as Google Calendar, which is sans quotes:”

Now all you need to do is add a bookmark, call it Add to Calendar, drop in the URL, and create a keyword for the bookmark like cal or add. That’s it, just type your keyword then what you want to add to the calendar and it will open the calendar template and add that info to the template. You then need to finish it by clicking save. While it’s not exactly Ubiquity that completely adds the event without you actually having to go to the calendar, but it is a shortcut that saves some time.

Here is an example of what you would type into your addressbar sans quotes: “cal dinner at Mom’s Dec. 24th at 6pm”

This can also be applied to a lot of different sites and commands, you just need the proper URL.  Enjoy!